L’oreal Group Acupressure Service



In year 2011, Bao Zhong Tang was invited by Matrix, the professional brand under the L’oreal Group, in a joint collaboration to develop the new Acupressure Head Spa service, which is designed to combine professional massage services based on the Meridian theory and Matrix professional products, thus, providing lasting relaxing effects on the hair and scalp.

Professional hairstylists were trained by Bao Zhong Tang’s Senior Consultant, Qin Xiu Di, over a total of 3 sessions in which practical skills and knowledge of TCM massage techniques and specific acupuncture points were imparted. To ensure that customers’ receive the best effects out of the Acupressure Head Spa Service, only hairstylists who passed the exams were certified to provide the service.

Acupressure Head Spa Service



DUKE-NUS Medical Students


    • 寶中堂接待上海市市级医院护理干部代表团赴新加坡中央医院进行护理管理培训交流


      Training in Shanghai Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital