"Understanding the How, When and What"

Why am I consuming so many herbs?

TCM Prescriptions are usually made up of a combination of various herbs that not only boost the efficacy of the treatment but also minimize the side effects of certain herbs. Usually, each prescription ranges between a few herbs or even over 20 types of herbs, all depending on the individual’s condition.

Are there any adverse effects from consuming Chinese medicine or terminating Chinese medicine consumption?

Adverse effects of consuming Chinese medicine or terminating Chinese medicine are rare, especially under the advice of licensed TCM practitioners. 

Should you experience any discomfort from consuming or terminating Chinese medicine, call us at 6327 7866 and our Physicians will advise you accordingly.

Does all Chinese medicine prescribed require brewing?

Chinese medicine also come in powder form, which does not require any brewing. Herbal powder has similar efficacy as brewed herbs, and is the more common option for travelling patients. For medicine in raw herbs form requiring brewing, patients can opt for our professional brewing service at a minimal cost.

How long can Chinese herbs be kept?

There is no definite storage duration for raw Chinese medicinal herbs. The duration for which raw herbs can be kept depends a great deal on storage conditions, types of herbs, as well as quality of herbs. To ensure maximum shelf-life, it is advisable to store raw herbs in a cool, dry place. Regarding Chinese medicine in the powder form, shelf-life varies for each product or manufacturer. It is advisable to consume them as instructed by the physician-in-charge.

Is Chinese medicine bitter in taste?

Not all Chinese medicine is bitter in taste. The taste of a Chinese medicine concoction depends on the types of herbs used and their respective dosage.