"Going the Extra Mile for Your Health"

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) regards the human body as an organic whole. With the concept of Yin-Yang, human life is a physiological process in constant motion and change. When there is an imbalance in this dynamic equilibrium, a person can benefit from TCM treatment.

The emphasis of customization of prescription with the natural healing powers of herbs to reach the Harmony and Balance of your body.


Our physicians are able to provide home/ward visits upon requests, and upon the approval by the Western Doctor-In-Charge. Strictly by appointment only. Appointments have to be made at least 3 working days in advance. Please call 63277866 for more details. Terms and conditions apply.


Provide brewing services for prescriptions by our physicians. Done under direct supervision by our herbalist and qualified dispensers, the added service offers our patients the high standards assurance in the proper preparation of the prescription to ensure that the efficacy of the medicines is preserved.