Confinement Management

“坐月子” or Confinement is a tradition that has been passed down generations for decades. New mothers are recommended to undergo confinement for at least 28-30days.

So what exactly is confinement and why do we recommend it? Through the process of birthing, pregnant mothers undergo a variety of changes physically and mentally. And after they give birth, mothers has to go through yet another series of post-natal adaptation to cater to the new born. More often than not, all these inevitable changes take a toll on the health of new mothers. TCM believes that during this period of time, new mothers are the most vulnerable and susceptible to external pathogens (such as wind, cold, dampness).

Hence, it is crucial for new mothers to take care of their body, so that they can bounce back to their initial state of health, or even better. New mothers should ensure that they receive sufficient nutrients, as well as the right set of nutrients that would boost their recovery process and reduce the occurrence of future post-partum conditions.

TCM believes that the key to speedy recovery is through acknowledging these changes and targeting them specifically.

Here at Bao Zhong Tang, our friendly physicians will provide guidance for inexperience new mothers on the route to post-partum recovery and better health.

Confinement Package

Our Confinement Programme is specially put together to cater to the needs of new mothers for an all rounded recovery, that is fuss-free and at the comfort of your own home.

This 28—day Confinement Programme consists of:

  • 6 x Sheng Hua Blood Soothing Soup 生化汤 (Brewed for you)
  • 6 x Si Wu Blood Nourishing Soup 四物汤 (Brewed for you)
  • 2 x Black Bean Goji Berries Soup 黑豆枸杞汤
  • 2 x Longan Solomon’s Seal Soup 龙眼玉竹汤
  • 2 x Angelica Root Invigorating Soup 当归补血汤
  • 2 x Si Shen Spleen Revitalising Soup四神健脾汤
  • 2 x Eight Treasure Soup 八珍黑鸡汤
  • 2 x Ginseng Root Tonic 洋参清补汤
  • 2 x Chinese Yam Solomon’s Seal Chicken Soup 淮山玉竹煲鸡汤
  • 2 x Morinda Root Eucommia Bark Kidney Tonifying Soup 巴戟杜仲汤
  • 2 x Waist Strengthening Tonic 杜仲补腰汤
  • 2 x Pig Trotter Lactation Stimulating Tonic 猪蹄通乳汤
  • 28 x Dangshen Longan Red Jujube Tea 党参红枣龙眼茶
  • 20 x Post-Partum Confinement Herbal Bathe 大风艾冲凉包