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If I wish to come Bao Zhong Tang for TCM consultation, how do I go about it?

We accept both appointment and walk-in patients.

However, we advise all patients to call us at 6327 7866 to check for physicians’ availability and arrange an appointment time so as to reduce your waiting time and avoid disappointment in the event if your regular physician is on urgent leave. For Saturday appointments, do call at least a week in advance for your preferred timing.

Which physician should I see?

Our physicians have their own area of specialty and our friendly staff will recommend a suitable physician according to your medical condition. We have three categories of Physicians. On a regular basis, our Senior Physicians and Physicians are available for consultation.

Our Master Physicians are visiting consultants from Shanghai who hold special consultations only once a year over a stipulated time. If you are keen, please contact us at 63277866 to leave your names on our waiting list. Priority for appointment booking with our Master Physicians will be given for patients on the waiting list.

I do not understand nor speak Mandarin. Will that pose as a problem when seeking TCM consultation?

Our centre offers translation services provided by TCM physicians registered under Singapore TCM Practitioners Board, who are double degree graduates from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Translation services can be requested upon registration for consultation.


Why am I consuming so many herbs?

TCM Prescriptions are usually made up of a combination of various herbs that not only boost the efficacy of the treatment but also minimize the side effects of certain herbs. A prescription can consist of 10 to over 20 types of herbs, all depending on the individual’s condition.

Are there any side effects from consuming Chinese medicine?

Side effects from the consumption of herbal medicine are rare and minimal, especially under the advice of licensed TCM practitioners. Should you experience any discomfort after consuming our herbal medicine, do call us at 6327 7866 and our Physicians will advise you accordingly.

Does all Chinese medicine prescribed require brewing?

Our herbal medicine comes in various forms, consisting of raw herbs, powder herbs, capsules and pills. Only raw herbs will require brewing before consumption. You may opt for our brewing services during payment to save the hassle of brewing your medicine every day!

How long can the herbal medicine be kept?

There is no definite storage duration for raw medicinal herbs. The duration for which raw herbs can be kept depends a great deal on storage conditions, types of herbs, as well as quality of herbs. To ensure maximum shelf-life, it is advisable to store raw herbs in a cool, dry place. However, we strongly recommend our patients to consume their herbs within 30 days from the date the herbs were dispensed.

Similarly, there are no preservatives added during brewing. All brewed concoctions are to be consumed within 30 days for maximum efficacy.

Regarding Chinese medicine in other forms, the shelf-life varies for each product. It is advisable to consume them as instructed by the physician-in-charge.

Is herbal medicine bitter in taste?

Not all herbal medicine is bitter in taste. The taste of the concoction depends on the types of herbs used and their respective dosage.

Is herbal medicine suitable for all ages?

Herbal prescriptions are written after the Physician assesses the patient’s condition. Age, suitability of condition, body constitution and other medical factors will be taken into consideration while prescribing herbal medicine. The type and quantity of herbs will be carefully calibrated according to individual needs. All herbal prescriptions at Bao Zhong Tang are customised for each individual.


How long does each acupuncture session take and how often will I require acupuncture?

Acupuncture works over a course of treatment and each treatment session lasts for about 30 minutes. For acute conditions such as acute sprains, gastroenteritis, fever, menstrual cramps, continuous acupuncture treatment is required. Each course of acupuncture treatment requires 5 sessions, recommended to be administered once daily or once every 2 days.

For chronic conditions such as cervical spondylosis, slipped disc, sciatica, arthritis, frozen shoulder and other chronic pain ailments or degenerative conditions, each course of acupuncture treatment normally requires 10 sessions.

Depending on the patient’s condition, number courses of acupuncture treatment and treatment frequency may vary. Internal medicine conditions may require acupuncture treatment once or twice per week, while acupuncture sessions for menstrual cramps or fertility issues are scheduled based on the patient’s menstrual cycle. Your Physician will advise according to your condition.

How does acupuncture work?

TCM sees the human body as a whole; every organ is connected to each other by meridians. Each meridian branch out to connect different organs, limbs and bones, forming a network around the body. Acupuncture targets acupoints distributed on these meridians, and works to balance yin and yang and stimulate flow of qi and blood. Through these effects, acupuncture is able to relief pain, restore normal body functions and improve the immune system.

Are young children suitable to do acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a commonly used TCM treatment method to restore normal body functions with minimal adverse effects. Young children are also suitable to do acupuncture. However, it is to be noted that young children can be frightened by acupuncture needles, hence parents and physicians should work closely during each acupuncture session. Physicians normally select thinner, shorter needles during acupuncture for young children, and avoid leaving the needles for too long to reduce fear in young children.

Are there any side effects from acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture is a fully natural form of treatment without the use of any medication, and is unlikely to cause any permanent unpleasant side effects to the body. Some common side effects include dizziness (kindly note to declare to your Physician if you ever felt faint during procedures which involved insertion of needles into your body), slight bruising etc.

During acupuncture, one may expect a slight prickling sensation when acupuncture needles are administered, and minimal bleeding might occur upon the removal of acupuncture needles. It is important to engage professional TCM clinics and physicians for acupuncture treatment. It is also noteworthy that acupuncture may not be suitable for all kind of conditions, so do seek advice from professional TCM physicians to Find out whether acupuncture, or other forms of treatments, will be more suitable for your condition.

How should I prepare myself for an acupuncture treatment?

Before acupuncture, try to remain calm and relaxed. Avoid doing acupuncture on an empty stomach. Acupuncture should also be avoided when you are hungry, overly satiated, or under extreme fatigue. For ladies on your period, do check with the physician if acupuncture is suitable.

Are there any restrictions after an acupuncture session?

It is advisable to avoid direct cold or wind after acupuncture. Bathing/shower should be done 2-3 hours after acupuncture. Ensure sufficient rest 1-2 days after acupuncture.

I experience localised pain and swelling after acupuncture, is this normal?

During administration of acupuncture needles, you may experience a slight prickling sensation akin to a mosquito bite. When the acupuncture needle hits the correct acupoint, it will cause a typical “de qi” sensation characterised by localised soreness and numbness, and some patient may mistake this “de qi” sensation for pain. This sensation is due to stimulation of the acupoints by acupuncture needles. Some patients may experience slight swelling of skin around the acupuncture spot, which may be due to stimulation from the alcohol disinfectant or administration of acupuncture techniques which may affect micro capillaries under the skin. Mild swelling and bruising should subside within a few days without requiring further treatment.

Can I have acupuncture if I am pregnant?

It is not advisable for pregnant ladies to undergo acupuncture treatment, acupoints for stimulating blood circulation around the stomach, waist and limbs should be avoided.

I have diabetes, is acupuncture safe for me?

Diabetic patients should inform their Physician of their medical history. Those with skin lesions are advised to avoid acupuncture.

Can I benefit from acupuncture for general wellness purposes?

One does not need to be clinically unwell to get acupuncture treatment. There are several acupoints that help with improving general health by stimulating circulation of qi and blood in the meridians. Professional TCM physicians will be able to select acupoints according to the individual’s constitution to achieve better health management through acupuncture.


Is CSC (Civil Service Card) available for use?

Sorry, we do not accept CSC Card.

Can I use Medisave for our medical fees?

Sorry, Medisave cannot be used at our clinic as we are a private medical facility

Can I claim medical fees from our insurance company or working company?

Please check with your respective insurance agent and company for the eligibility. We will be able to provide supporting documents for your insurance claim, but we are unable to submit any claims on your behalf.

Can I pay using Credit Card?

Yes, you may pay for your medical fees using credit cards. Our available modes of payment are Cash, Visa, Master, American Express, Nets.

Can I pay online?

Yes, online payment is available. Please contact our centre at 63277866 for more details.

Can I make payment for my medication upon collection?

No. As our prescriptions are customized, preparation for all medication will only proceed after payment is received.


Why can’t I get my medicine immediately after consultation?

Medicine for each patient is a customised prescription based on their body constitution, hence we do not have pre-made medication for immediate collection. Herbal decoction requires a standardized brewing process that takes 2-3 hours. Collection or delivery of herbal medicine is available earliest half a working day after consultation and is subjected to our Pharmacy’s brewing schedule. Medication in the powder form is prepared by careful weighing and mixture of individual types of herbal powders according to the physician’s prescription. As no brewing is required, it can be prepared in a shorter time and will be available for collection 30-45 minutes after payment.

Will there be any tests performed when seeking TCM treatment?

TCM does not involve any western diagnostic tests. However, TCM utilizes its own diagnostic method, such as sensing of the pulse or examination of the tongue. Further physical examination, such as simple neurological examination and abdominal examination, may be performed if required, under physicians’ discretion.

How long will it take for me to see the effects of TCM treatment?

The treatment duration required depends on type and severity of condition, as well as sensitivity and compliance of an individual to treatment. In general, TCM treatment may take a longer time to demonstrate its efficacy as compared to Western treatment. Chronic conditions may require up to 3-6 months before improvement can be observed. However, TCM treatment contributes to long-term relief of the condition by improving your general constitution.

Can I bring my diagnostic radiology images for your physicians to review?

Yes, please do bring along your diagnostic radiology images and reports as they may provide our physicians with a better understanding of your condition.

Is my personal data protected?

Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre will safeguard your personal data, and will not provide any detail to a third party unless instructed or given consent by the individual party involved. If you have registered your contact details under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) but would like to receive SMS reminders from us, please inform us at info@baozhongtang.com.sg.