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TCM for Cancer in Singapore

Best TCM for cancer Singapore

Cancer Management

Bao Zhong Tang offers TCM services for cancer to patients in Singapore. As a premium TCM Centre with strong and reputable history, we focus on a synergy of Eastern and Western medicine to effectively manage conditions for patients.

As one of the Best TCM for cancer Singapore clinics, our well trained physicians are experienced in TCM for cancer, and our methods take on an all natural and holistic approach to complement conventional cancer treatments. We also look at patients’ lifestyle. Including encouraging patients to be mindful of dietary decisions that they make, such as blindly taking or avoiding several types of food groups without proper consultation.

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Aside from acupuncture, Physicians in Bao Zhong Tang also has extensive knowledge and years of competency in TCM for Cancer treatment. Our TCM physicians utilise both Eastern & Western knowledge to provide adequate TCM Cancer management for patients. Best TCM for cancer Singapore

Bao Zhong Tang takes on an all-natural and holistic approach, to complement conventional treatments of cancer, which is why our list of satisfied patients for TCM for Cancer management is ever growing. Start by booking your appointment with one of the best TCM for cancer Singapore clinics today.

Dietary principles for cancer patients:

✅ Choose food based on body’s constitution and TCM syndrome differentiation

✅ Abstain from certain food

✅ Pay attention to details

✅ Combine food supplementation and diet therapy

Dietary misconceptions among cancer patients

❎ “Starving” the tumour

❎ Blindly avoiding foods

❎ Blindly taking supplements and herbal tonics

Foods to avoid based on heat or cold syndromes

Cold Syndromes

Avoid pears, watermelon and duck (cooling food)

Hot Syndromes

Avoid mutton, deer meat, eel, chili (heaty food)

Foods to avoid for specific cancers

Stomach Cancer

Avoid smoked produce and irritating spices.

Oesophageal Cancer

Avoid hot drinks and alcohol.

Liver Cancer

Avoid hard and fried food, irritants and alcohol.

Breast Cancer

Avoid irritating food, saturated and animal fats, and alcohol.

Colorectal Cancer

Avoid alcohol, processed food, saturated and animal fats.

Lung Cancer

Avoid tobacco, alcohol and irritating foods.

Prostate Cancer

Avoid foods rich in testosterone like velvet antler and chives.

Gallbladder Cancer

Avoid fatty food, alcohol, fried food, and avoid over-eating.

Dietary care pre & post-surgery

  • Take food that are easy to digest and absorb (herbs like Qianshi, taizishen)
  • Avoid herbal tonics and food that are too nourishing/stimulating which makes it difficult to for the body to absorb
  • Take more frequent meals but in smaller portions
  • Take boiled and steamed food, avoid oily and fried food

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