Confinement Package

Our Confinement Programme is specially put together to cater to the needs of new mothers for an all rounded recovery, that is fuss-free and at the comfort of your own home.

This 28—day Confinement Programme consists of:

  • 6 x Sheng Hua Blood Soothing Soup 生化汤 (Brewed for you)
  • 6 x Si Wu Blood Nourishing Soup 四物汤 (Brewed for you)
  • 2 x Black Bean Goji Berries Soup 黑豆枸杞汤
  • 2 x Longan Solomon’s Seal Soup 龙眼玉竹汤
  • 2 x Angelica Root Invigorating Soup 当归补血汤
  • 2 x Si Shen Spleen Revitalising Soup四神健脾汤
  • 2 x Eight Treasure Soup 八珍黑鸡汤
  • 2 x Ginseng Root Tonic 洋参清补汤
  • 2 x Chinese Yam Solomon’s Seal Chicken Soup 淮山玉竹煲鸡汤
  • 2 x Morinda Root Eucommia Bark Kidney Tonifying Soup 巴戟杜仲汤
  • 2 x Waist Strengthening Tonic 杜仲补腰汤
  • 2 x Pig Trotter Lactation Stimulating Tonic 猪蹄通乳汤
  • 28 x Dangshen Longan Red Jujube Tea 党参红枣龙眼茶
  • 20 x Post-Partum Confinement Herbal Bathe 大风艾冲凉包