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Due to various reasons, such as stress and a change in eating habits, many young couples are facing the issue of infertility at an earlier stage of their marriage.


Contraception involves both parties and failure to conceive can entail greater health concerns. TCM believe that we should treat illnesses early and start preparing our bodies for contraception at the start of our married journey, to increase the chances of successful contraception.


For couples who are trying to conceive, TCM helps to adjust your bodily constitute and can boost your qi and blood. Through medicinal herbs and acupuncture treatment, the chances of contraception is greatly improved.


For couples who have been trying to conceive and are going through IUI or IVF, TCM plays a supplemental role, where medicinal herbs and acupuncture treatment can help to improve your bodily constitute. When your bodily constitute achieve a balance, it helps to enhance the quality of eggs and sperm gradually.